The Jade coast

The Jade coast (Côte de Jade) is without hesitation one of the most beautiful and characteristic parts of the Atlantic coast. But what is the Jade coast exactly?

The Jade coast starts directly south of the estuary of the Loire River at several kilometres from Nantes. With its beautiful beaches and typical fisheries and ports, the rugged coastline of the Jade coast stretches from the Loire estuary near Saint Brevin les Pins down to the Pays de Retz, passing through the historic city of Pornic. The Jade coast is the perfect place to enjoy a fresh breeze of sea air, the marvellous landscapes of the Atlantic coast, and has a rich maritime and cultural history.

Côte de Jade (Jade Coast), near Nantes

A camping holiday at the Jade Coast

A holiday at the heart of the Jade coast is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the sea in a beautiful framework of rocky creeks and sandy beaches. The unique combination of the Atlantic Ocean and the characteristic Jade coast offers everything for a perfect holiday at the seaside: sandy beaches, numerous biking and hiking trails, (shore) fishing, and a large variety of beach and water sports.

For people with wanderlust, the coastline of the Jade coast can be divided into two parts that are separated by La Pointe St Gildas, situated directly opposite to the island of Noirmoutier. North of La Pointe Saint Gildas you will find large sandy beaches and wooded dunes, as well as the small towns of Saint Michel Chef Chef and Tharon Plage. Here, you can also discover the small fishing houses that are characteristic for the region. South of La Pointe Saint Gildas, from La Plaine sur Mer to the Bay of Bourgneuf, you will find a more savage coastline with rocks and small creeks.

La Plaine sur Mer is without doubt the ideal town to discover the Jade coast. Its perfect location on the border between the two parts of Jade coast makes it an ideal starting point for a discovery of both coastlines.