Noirmoutier, a diverse sea landscape at proximity of the campsite

From the campsite, you can drive via Pornic towards the island of Noirmoutier, situated at only 60 km from Camping La Guichardière and easily accessible by highway. But what is the ‘L’ile de Noirmoutier (Island of Noirmoutier)’? The island of Noirmoutier is a small jewel that originated from the rich cultural history of the Vendée and where a variety of activities and landscapes merge.

The authenticity and diversity of Noirmoutier make the island a unique experience for the whole family.

The island of Noirmoutier, diverse and natural, is connected to the main land by two roads: a bridge and the notorious ‘passage du Gois’. The ‘passage du Gois’ is a mythical road that is only visible during low tide and that permits visitors to access the island of Noirmoutier via a road that runs straight through the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This road is a true paradise if you enjoy fishing. Upon arrival on the island, you will find an incredible diversity of landscapes: beaches, forests, salt marshes, dunes, and a beautiful flora and fauna. The island can easily be traversed by bike or by foot, with nearly 80 km of biking paths and 64 km of walking paths bringing you towards the countless salt marshes and mussel and oyster cultivators. Also, at the traditional market of Noirmoutier you can buy the famous potatoes of Noirmoutier with their characteristic, salty taste.

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