Situated amidst the savage coastline of the Jade coast you will find Pornic, a small historical town.

Its historic atmosphere makes it easy to fall for the charms of Pornic, a small seaside town with a rich 19th century history. Stroll through the small streets of this medieval town and walk towards the Chateau of Gilles de Rais from where you will have a marvellous view of Pornic. Take the small stairs towards the old port to taste the authentic atmosphere of Pornic. Afterwards, you can leave Pornic by taking one of the many hiking paths to enjoy a beautiful view of Pornic and the surrounding nature.

Holiday on a campsite near Pornic

To know more about Pornic and surroundings:

At only a 10-minute drive from Pornic, you will find our 3-star campsite, the perfect starting point to discover Pornic and surroundings. Enjoy a holiday at a campsite near Pornic for unique moments with family and friends.