At La Pointe Saint Gildas, you will find a combination of maritime history and a breathtaking landscape. This panoramic viewpoint, at only a small distance from the campsite, separates the the Jade coast into its two distinct coastlines. Perfectly situated, La Point Saint Gildas offers you a marvellous view on Bourgneuf and, if the weather allows, the island of Noirmoutier. Of note, La Pointe Saint Gildas is one of the most important historic maritime landmarks of the region.

The lighthouse of La Pointe Saint Gildas (Le Sémaphore) offers a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. In the lighthouse, a family-friendly museum conveys the rich maritime history of the region.

Do you feel like going for a stroll to enjoy a fresh breeze of sea air? La Pointe Saint Gildas is the perfect location. Besides a beautiful panoramic viewpoint, La Pointe Saint Gildas is a historic landmark with signs of the German occupation still being visibly present. In fact, during the Second World War, La Pointe Saint Gildas was one of the prime lookouts for the German Army Base in Saint Nazaire. Nearby, you will find numerous other historical landmarks that remind of this turbulent past, such as the Blockhaus in South Brittany.

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