Saint Nazaire, a city with a rich maritime history

Saint Nazaire connects the two parts of the Loire Atlantique, separated by the Loire estuary. The city is the symbol of the industrial and historic dynamicity of the Loire Atlantique. Saint Nazaire is primarily well known for its harbour, regularly a strategic point in the French history, from the Middle Ages to the Second World War. Artefacts of the Second World War can still be visited, such as an old German submarine base. Situated at only 25 km of the campsite, Saint Nazaire has numerous secrets that are worthwile to discover.

Stay on a campsite near Saint Nazaire, for a memorable visit of Saint Nazaire’s harbour.

Saint Nazaire and its harbour are internationally renowned, primarily because of the shipbuilding industry. Did you know that the most beautiful cruise ships are built in Saint Nazaire? Saint Nazaire’s harbour is the most important part of the city, reflecting the transitions over the years. During the past decennia Saint Nazaire has ‘rediscovered’ the old harbour, transforming it to an authentic and original destination for a family visit, allowing you to discover cruise ships and submarines. In addition, you can take a guided tour at the Airbus factory in Saint Nazaire, but keep in mind that you will have to make a timely reservation.

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