Gastronomy in the Loire-Atlantique

A camping trip in Loire-Atlantique is also an opportunity to taste local culinary specialities. Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, there is something for everyone!

Salt of Guérande, an essential condiment in the kitchen

Used in nearly all recipes to enhance the taste of a dish, salt is an integral part of our daily life. During your holidays in La Plaine-sur-Mer, make a stop in the medieval city of Guérande to discover all the secrets of this white gold through a visit in the salt marshes.

Le Curé Nantais

Each region has its flagship cheese and the Loire-Atlantique is no exception! Known as the priests' cheese (fromage du curé) or more commonly as Le Curé Nantais it is recognizable by its smooth rind and soft dough.

La Fraiserie

A few kilometres from the Plaine-sur-Mer campground, summer visitors can go to Pornic to pick their own strawberries or simply to enjoy perfect sorbets, sweets and strawberry jams.