Your campsite at Tharon Plage, by the sea

Discover the famous seaside resort of the Côte de Jade near your campsite Tharon Plage. Families and pensioners can enjoy the seaside in peace and quiet, as the area offers beautiful walks and scenery. The place is also world famous for its famous Saint-Michel cakes.

The great beach of Tharon and its activities

During your stay at a campsite in Pornic, visit the large beach of Tharon. This is the largest and most complete beach, offering holidaymakers a wide range of activities. To the north, water sports enthusiasts can enjoy sand yachting or kitesurfing, while swimmers can count on the presence of a first aid post and a small gradient in the central part to enjoy a safe swim in the sea. Further south, the famous fisheries with their large square nets are a tourist attraction. Characteristic of the Pays de Retz, some of these constructions on stilts have become places for sharing and conviviality with family and friends.

What makes the reputation of Tharon Plage

The charm of Tharon Plage lies mainly in its numerous residences, the famous seafront villas which recall the tourist importance of the seaside resort in the 19th century. Don't forget to visit the pretty chapel of Sainte-Anne or the church of Saint-Michel, unless you prefer to linger near the ruins of Tharon castle.

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