Stroll at La Pointe Saint-Gildas

History and sublime landscapes await you at La Pointe Saint-Gildas. This small corner of paradise is only a few steps from the campsite and separates the Jade coast in its two distinct coastal landscapes. Ideally located, La Pointe Saint-Gildas offers a breathtaking view of Bourgneuf and the island of Noirmoutier. This rocky point is one of the historical and maritime symbols of the Loire-Atlantique.

Visit La Pointe Saint-Gildas in Préfailles

Do you want to walk, ride and enjoy the clean ocean air? La Pointe Saint-Gildas is the ideal place for you. Particularly rich in history, La Pointe bears witness to the German occupation during the Second World War. Indeed, it was the location of one of the army's outposts around the submarine base of Saint Nazaire. Many remains are still visible on the site, including the famous blockhouses.

The Semaphore of La Pointe Saint-Gildas welcomes you to its building with a panoramic view of the ocean. Within the Semaphore, find a museographic space to explore with your family.

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